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My art is an exploration into limitless boundaries of art mediums and subject matter. As an artist, I evolve on a constant basis; I am not limited to one style, format or medium. I am as comfortable working with a painting as I am with digital art. My work often begins with feelings or thoughts evoked by an object or an image. As my composition evolves, it often takes on a deeper or different meaning. I believe each medium I use expresses a different emotion or part of me. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of wonder. I know when a piece is done when a little voice inside my head says it complete.

The first step in creating art based on nature is spending time in the nature and the natural world, Art opens our eyes to not only the beauty but also the complexity of the natural world. My soul is invigorated and sustained when surrounded by nature and the natural world. Nature brings us back to our roots. Sometimes a simple pretty landscape will provide the means for a viewer to better appreciate the natural world surrounding them.

 Feel the wind on your face. Look closely, really closely at the veins of a leaf, sit against the trunk of a tree, and watch a river or creek as it flows by to its ultimate destination into the sea. Let your mind be as open and vast as the sky. Be still. Appreciate. Observe.

I hope to continue to reinvent myself thru the years. I never want to limit my outreach as an artist. It is my goal to continue to evolve as an artist.

My art is really about personal iconography. The viewer may see something contrary to the original intent, but I hope that it is an intimate and meaningful experience. Individuals should be able to identify with each work in a unique and personal way. A negative reaction is better than indifference, so I invite the viewer to explore what I have created---

Evelynn Eighmey

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